"There is only one constant in real estate, service wins.  I am passionate about providing a level of service that stands out from the competition. Exceptional service doesn't necessarily mean working more hours, it means leveraging technology to work smarter. There is no better feeling than helping a family find their perfect home.  Contact me to join our team today!" -Will Butler


Here's What Agents Have to Say About Will Butler...


"Will is an excellent broker/manager, and is always available to assist with questions and issues that need his input.  We have a very happy office which I know is due to Wills influence." - Mary Anne Rozsa


"As an agent since 2002, I’ve had 5 broker/managers.  Without a doubt, Will is the most knowledgeable and experienced of them all.  With his 30+ years of real estate management, preceded by several years selling successfully as an agent, he has seen all kinds of adversity in this business.  I’ve had managers without that level of experience, and it makes an impact when you need help.  This is coming from a top producing agent who’s been in hundreds of transactions, so when I need help, it’s when the questions or situations are tough, and yet he always has the answers and support.  He is well known for backing his agents; we all know he’s our biggest advocate which is important as “independent contractors”.   Our office meetings offer beneficial information on market conditions, stats, and disclosure/contract updates, along with stories he shares as “cautionary tales” in this business.  He’s also fun to share a laugh or two with.  When agents ask about coming to work at our office, I can confidently talk about Will and what he brings to the table!" - Suzanne Bieser


 "I have a tremendous amount of respect for Will Butler, both as a manager here in our Office in Pleasanton and as a person. As an agent for over 20 years I have worked for several managers and very few have the knowledge, integrity and character as Will Butler. He is available for his agents and very supportive. He always keeps us updated with the latest market information and has a great support staff to handle all of the agent’s needs. In closing I would say that Will is one of the best managers I have ever worked with." - Tom Ivarson  


"Will Butler is great to work with, he is always available to all the agents, with his open door style.  He is always upbeat and has a big smile when I see him.  I know he has my back and supports the success of all the agents.  I look forward to our meetings, they are always interesting, informative and well worth my time to attend.  We have highly successful agents in our office, many have been here for 20+ years, that says everything about our Manager, Will Butler.  He strives to makes us all Great!" - Sherrill Cody



"Will Butler is one of the best managers I have had in my 23+ years in real estate. Will was previously a realtor so understands the process, the concerns, and the relationships.Our office meetings always have valuable information, and we also have the opportunity to meet in small groups to learn different technology and programs.  If I have a question regarding a real estate transaction, Will is very timely in responding to my email or phone call.  I have heard only positive feedback about Will as a manager and he is highly respected throughout the industry.  Will wants us to be successful!" - Diane McDonald